Indoor Advertising

The main element of indoor advertising is the company's logo on a board, or its 3D wall version. Indoor communication is based on suspended plaques, door signs and directories with the possibility of quick exchange of its contents. For this purpose we use various types of acrylic pockets, PMMA pockets and snap frames. For inside of the building we can provide door signs and numbers, directional arrows and pictograms. An additional indoor feature is covering the windows with a masking film or a sand window film.

Every sign, shop front sign, poster etc. has to be properly installed. It depends on the surface –if it is smooth wall, textured wall, or glass; that's why we suggest the installation over flat surface - with distance from the wall or by using booms and wires. Taking your needs under consideration, we try to advise you on the materials and best installation method in order for the final result to harmonize with corporate image and to fulfil your expectations.

Integral features of company signage are posters, stickers and labels and they have to correspond with the colouring and the existing corporate image. We use various surfaces for making individual signs, shop front signs, posters and stickers. Mainly: cut out films, films with print, PMMA, PVC, glass, composite panels: dibond, alubond, tubond, also brass and nickel-chromium stainless steel.

We also make stencils for wall or facade painting, as well as, magnetic labels, window stickers, shape stickers.

Installation work can be done in the evenings or at the weekends, in order not to disrupt the company's work schedule.

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