Stands, A-frame signs, tower displays.

Exhibition systems, company and fair stands allow to demonstrate a full variety of products to a potential customer. At your service: displays, A-frame signs, tower displays, roll up's, advertising racks for leaflets and business cards, snap frames, poster systems.

Most commonly used elements of presentations and exhibitions are: advertising racks for business cards and leaflets made by PMMA casting, or formed in high temperature; roll up stands, A-frame signs, snap frames. Most common advertising rack formats are: DL (1/2 A4), A5, A4. We offer single or storied displays – for sets of leaflets. A few examples can be found in our gallery.

Roll up exposition system is easy in use; it can be packed in a transport tube. Graphics are designed and prepared on vinyl material or textile. It can be easily rolled up for transport and it doesn't get damaged, it is easy to put it together on the stand.

A-frame signs are also commonly used in presentation. Elegant, made from aluminium or synthetic material (also in the 'snap' version). When you place them outside your door, people walking by definitely won't miss them. Graphics can permanent or, thanks to the 'snap' system, posters can be quickly and easily exchanged. You can also add A4 or A3 pockets made of PMMA, which will facilitate the distribution of advertising material, leaflets and brochures among the passer-by's.

We also offer other exhibition systems like frames, signs and tower displays for outdoor and indoor use. Thanks to our creative approach to client's needs we can use individual installation solutions, using distance bolts and wires to suspend from the ceiling or window displays.

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